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1 Minute Cardio 2.0: 5 Cardio Exercises, Without The Torture

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1 Minute Cardio 2.0: 5 Cardio Exercises, Without The Torture.

Five exercises where 1 minute makes a difference.

Hate long boring cardio? Do you hate running for an hour at a time? Me too. That's why I starting looking for a different way. And that way is short cardio that get's the heart rate going, but doesn't leave us totally exhausted. In this 1 minute workout guide, I'll discuss five exercises and different ways to work the 1 minute clock.

Along with this guide I've included a bonus report titled, What's a better to do cardio? In this report I discuss using high rep bodyweight exercises as cardio instead of for strength gains. Normally my readers would have to pay for this bonus report with a tweet, but I have included here for you.

Why 1 Minute Workouts:

-Increase your fitness levels 1 minute at a time.

-Helps fit exercise into a busy schedule.

-No need to change into gym clothes, as you most likely won't work up a deep sweat in only a minute.

-Can be done anywhere, no need to travel for 30 minutes to get to the gym.

-No more dreading a long workout, you only need to focus on one minute at a time.

-Exercises that will elevate your heart rate, giving you the most bang for your proverbial buck.

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