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The Paper Tigers

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The Paper Tigers is a no holds barred account of traditional versus modern martial arts. It peers into the deepest corners of martial adeptness with microscopic precision, not only exposing human frauds on every level but also exposing the most fraudulent claims. In the midst of its dark disparagements, it often abruptly turns on the light by instructing the reader in a step-by-step manner on the oldest known and most secretively reserved martial concepts and techniques. For the enthusiast and budding practitioner, it is a dictionary that defines every aspect of true martial arts, from the types of body language, power, speed and explosiveness utilized in achieving its most coveted physical goals, to the styles of mindfulness, breath control and awareness employed in the heightening of its spiritual presence. For many long-time practitioners, whether those from traditional backgrounds or those involved in sport-like styles such as kickboxing, MMA or UFC, the Paper Tigers blatantly challenges their idealisms, often forcing them to weigh their current methodologies against the traditional methodologies given so that they may determine once and for all not only which brands hold the highest amounts of physical, mental and spiritual content, but most importantly, which are fitting enough to actually be deserving of the name “martial arts.” All in all, the Paper Tigers tends to lift the veil on the mainstream media’s over-glorification of martial arts in order to expose the unsentimental truth behind its inner workings.

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