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The Cocaspore Project

Length: 333 pages5 hours


A new novel from the author of Windfall Nights -

Can the creativity of a single man eradicate cocaine from the world? In The Cocaspore Project, Paul Sloan is an academic botanist at a major Midwest university who has invented a technology that can destroy the world’s source of cocaine. He has been doing his research under a secret government grant and has succeeded to the point where his invention might become a real tool to use against the worldwide drug trade. Sloan’s technology is nearly operational when its existence becomes known to a powerful, ruthless drug lord who is committed to stopping him. From that moment on, the scientist’s life is in jeopardy. Were it not for an unseen protector, Sloan and his family and laboratory staff would be destroyed along with the technology they created. Fortunately for Sloan, his guardian angel is as committed and resourceful as his would-be executioners, and he has been given a chance to survive.

The Cocaspore Project is a biotechnology rollercoaster of a novel. The characters are engaging, the plot is riveting, and the outcome will not easily be forgotten.

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