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Stripped Naked by a Stranger in the Mall

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What would you do on a busy Saturday afternoon at the mall if the most perfectly handsome stranger approached you and led you along in a game of undress right then, right there, amidst the crowds, and walked you around? Would you resist? Would you give in to the thrill and secure him all for yourself later on? Can you imagine the intense passionate lovemaking after such a daring afternoon?

Yes you can ;)

His black and gold watch reflected wealth as did the little gold ring on his right finger. God those fingers – so long on those big strong hands. She felt little tingles sparkle deep inside as she contemplated his toned body, that masculine jaw on that long symmetric face, aquiline nose with hawk eyes and perfect brows set above. [...]

"Mind if I sit here?" His voice was almost flat, calm, very cool, a little metallic on the high end yet full of warm, resonant low notes. Samantha could only smile and felt her cheeks burn a little.

"Sure. Please." She smiled coyly.

He sat and smiled straight at her. Glancing at her bosom. Her little dress was low cut and semi-transparent. Suddenly she felt naked. She loved the attention yet it embarrassed her. But a god like this was free to stare at her all he wanted. [...]

"Do you always forget to put your bra on?" He smiled brightly, a perfect set of white teeth.

"No." Samantha giggled, blushing deeper. "Just on Saturdays."

"When you visit the mall huh?" He winked.

Samantha had to sigh and smile, try to catch her breath. "I..." She had to laugh again. I what??? [...]

"Did you forget to put panties on too this morning?" He grinned so wickedly.

"They're skintone." She giggled, trying to look serious.

"I guessed that," he smiled warmly "you want to be really naughty yet don't have the courage to go all the way."

Samantha laughed loudly, blushing. "You mean go naked in public??? At the mall on Saturday? Now that would be something!"

The thought of it honestly turned her on. Tingles welled deep inside, furiously burning under her lovebutton, her skin all over her body prickled with static. Just imagine really doing that... With him... [...]

"Oh please no..." Samantha whined, smiling in shame "Let's take the elevator." [...]

"I can't." She blushed.

"I dare you." He smirked. "It'll be worth it – I promise." [...]

Now she was completely 100% stark naked. In an elevator in the mall. The shockwave of shame raged over her like an inferno. She could only gasp and struggle to catch her breath. Then he stood, staring straight into her eyes, and tore the dress into rags right before her eyes.

Samantha gasped in shock and terror. What the hell was she going to do now!!!

"Oh my God!!!" She cried. "Oh God please! What will I do!"

"Enjoy it." He said, smirking. "Trust me – by the time we get home – you'll be ready for the best sex in your life. You thought going pantiless was fun didn't you – I know you did. This is even better." [...]

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