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The Karmic Confessions of a Hopeless Traveller!

Length: 148 pages2 hours


It’s the story of a person named Rahul. He happens to be working at a TV production house. Quite contrary to the post he handles, he is the perfect underdog that anyone can ever come across. Well, it’s not that he has been born to be pushed and shoved around rather it’s his inherent inability to say ‘no’ and his ineptness to figure out things well in time that often drive him into trouble. One day, when he feels he cannot take it anymore, he decides to take a drastic step—he applies for a two-day leave. Though, it doesn’t go well with his boss but soon he gives in to Rahul’s innocuous persistence.

Brimming with cheerfulness and thriving on hope, he decides to escape to Murud Janjira —a place not far from Mumbai. He begins the journey with great zeal but the journey does not turn out to be the way he thought it would be. Riding on almost every kind of transport in the worst of the conditions, bumping into strangers in absolutely outlandish situations, stumbling upon shocking realities of life and last but not the least, goofing up every now and then, makes his journey truly worth remembering.

Although, he is not happy with the turn of events but once he begins to head back to Mumbai, he bumps into a few more people who make him see life in a much larger perspective. In their strange ways, they make him realize the reasons for his follies and show him the path to lead a better life. By the time he reaches Mumbai, he is a changed man—all set to meet life head-on!

*The book is a narration of places, people, incidents, observations, fears, apprehensions, love, goof-ups treated in humorous light with a satirical undertone.

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