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Leviathan's Scales

Length: 447 pages6 hours


Joe Langston is the embodiment of all that the American work ethic is supposed to produce. He is a good man, a loving husband and father, a competent and dedicated executive. Little can he know that now, just as he is poised to reap the rewards of a lifetime of professional devotion, the values on which he has built his life are about to be rocked to their foundation by the people he trusts most. When personal tragedy strikes, he finds out who his friends are. Leviathan’s Scales is Langston’s story. Beginning with the day he expects to be welcomed into the boardroom of one of the world’s richest conglomerates, the book chronicles his perplexing journey from charmed Golden Boy to tormented persona non grata and the simple realization that helps him find his true identity.

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