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Hunters: Rising

Length: 251 pages4 hours


Monsters are everywhere in Arlynd. They steal crops and livestock from farmers, and occasionally attack people. They’re a nuisance in every town and village. It’s always been this way. Hunters defend their hometowns against monsters so that everyone else may go about their lives. Over the generations people have learned to cope with monsters. But something is changing that. The monsters are growing in number. They are attacking more ferociously and strategically. If things continue this way, monsters threaten to overrun all of Arlynd.

But what is behind this change in behavior? Grimey, a longtime hunter from the small town of Quarry, wants to figure this out. When a pair or mysterious visitors come to Quarry, Grimey finds himself thrust into a journey that takes him far from home to discover the true threat to Quarry and all of Arlynd.

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