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Animal Quiz

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Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz is an all-in-one quiz book about animals covering fish, bird, amphibian, reptile and land animals. Quiz questions are well researched and compiled which are mostly not found in typical online quiz questions. Specially designed questions with amazing facts people seldom know and come with tricky questions. Animal Quiz contains wealth of information about animals. If your score is below 50% the first round, by repeating the second or third, in no time, you will be more knowledgeable about animals than your friends!

Among the questions in Animal Quiz:

What makes flamingos have pink feathers?
Which bird is attracted to grass fires?
Which bird is a sign to sailors that land is near?
How far can flying fish glide in the air?
What is the most poisonous fish?
How many dorsal fins does a cod have?
Which mammal lays eggs?
What does a rhinoceros’s horn made of?
Which country can you see yaks?
How to differentiate jaguar from leopard?
What animal sleeps with their eyes open?
What do you call a female kangaroo?
What is the color of a wolf pup’s eyes at birth?
Which is the slowest mammal in the world?
Why are buffalo dangerous?
Which statement is false about Gharial?
Which part of snakes is used for smelling?
Why do geckos lick their eyes?

Unlike other quiz books, the answers are not displayed immediately below the questions. Animal Quiz is an interactive quiz where you will be asked to attempt again if answered wrongly. If answered correctly, more amazing facts will be shown.

It is a knowledge-crunching quiz and hopefully you can enjoy and learn at the same time.

Animal Quiz is suitable for teens or young adults who have a thirst for knowledge. Informative trivia questions will broaden their knowledge about animals. You can find power-packed information all in one book.

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