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In The Shadow Of The Hills

Length: 587 pages9 hours


In The Shadow Of The Hills is an epic tale of a race’s struggle to survive in an unforgiving and hostile environment. Tragedy, Romance, Rebellion, Technology all have a place here. What is the mysterious “city”? And who or what is the shadowy intelligence that controls it? Can they overcome their doubts and misconceptions to make a future for both their peoples?

This is the story of a people’s struggle to survive when an ally becomes an enemy and destroys the basis of life on their home world. It is told through the eyes of Chira, a minor princess in the royal family. It follows their fortunes as they try to settle in a new and very alien environment, making the best use of the resources available to them, and finally it tells of the rise of Chira to the position of ruler in a world that is peculiarly her own.

The story unfolds over 28 chapters of exceptionally well crafted science fiction which incorporates elements of political intrigue, rebellion action, war and romance. It begins with a sombre domestic scene, ends with an epic battle for control of an entire planet and covers just about everything in between.

This book is aimed at readers of all ages from teens right through to mature adults with aspects which will appeal to all age groups, male and female. It has a strong female lead character who forges her own identity in a unsympathetic and sometimes antagonistic society.

Once you start reading this book – you will not be able to put it down!

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