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The Vanguard

Length: 477 pages7 hours


How do you lead people when nobody will even listen to you? And when you are not even sure what you are doing? This is what Matt Dodds is trying to figure out. He finds himself unexpectedly made the leader of a team that has been sent by billionaire recluse Roderick Tyler on a nine-month cruise aboard the Vanguard Observer, a research vessel that is also part school and part leadership academy. Nothing Matt does seems to work and he only gets himself and his group into more trouble. Worse yet, the only guy he can turn things over to is little more than a bully. Things come to a head when one of Matt’s charges is almost lost.
Meanwhile, there are mysteries to be solved. Who is the last-minute visitor, Mr. Greyson, and what is his relationship with the elusive Mr. Tyler? What are those two metal suitcases he brought aboard and why does Captain Hughes need them? Why does the resident scientist, Professor Holmberg, hate Mr. Tyler and his corporation so much? Why has the Vanguard suddenly changed course for the dead center of the Atlantic Ocean? Who are the two thugs who sneak aboard in the middle of the night and who or what were they after?

Mystery and adventure surround the crew of the Vanguard, while they travel halfway around the world.

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