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From Shyness, Love Shyness and Approach Anxiety to Boldness: Approach, Open and Touch Any Woman

Length: 252 pages3 hours


A love shy man’s eyes are glued to any woman he finds attractive anywhere. He is just at a loss as to what has to be done. He simply watches and the women passes off. Nothing happens. This book assumes significance when you have the know-how but do not put it into practice. People have the PUA material but still do not approach and open the women they find attractive. They are aware of all the social skills from Dale Carnegie’s stuff to the latest workshops and training courses just attended. Still they stay where they are without implementing their plan and procedure. Simply put despite knowing there is no doing.
This book is a complete package on shyness, love shyness and approach anxiety. Social competence, social self-confidence, social courage, etc. Profession, occupation, women, public speaking, marketing and sales, any area of personal and professional fronts. This book on shyness study must result in loss of your earlier inhibition, preoccupation and infatuation with the women you find attractive, and make you ready to start a talk with women with ease, anywhere and anytime. It is a transition from sitting and staring or following the woman in her unawares to approaching and talking to women.
Love-shy men are intensely preoccupied with their romantic need or love relationship with a woman. Women abound everywhere. In spite of their abundant availability, everywhere, the shy man will have not a single one in his social circle. This is due to his own behavior. . Interactions with the women would help remove the puzzle and mystery of infatuation, in the love shy man and prevents the obsession and preoccupations with the impressions and imagery of the women. Perhaps a shy man’s logic was if the girl is interested in him then she must talk first. A love shy man sits and stares or follows the woman in her unawares like a stalker. Sitting and staring or following without ever talking to the woman or averting eyes when the woman looks at the love shy man all cause suspicion in the mind of the woman which is against the wishes of the love shy.
The love shy man must shed off many chunks of behavior, conditionings, symptoms and characteristics that were dysfunctional, disorders, abnormal and unhealthy from their system. Based on the above ground you must realize that the form and figure of women is the only qualification for which you value women. It matters to you. It has high value to you. It casts a spell on you. It works like magic. You gets mad, sighing with stricken state. It is a mystery, a puzzle, and an unresolved issue. It is something highly personal and known only to you. The woman of your liking is not aware of all this stuff of your inner life. She has her own insecurities, anxieties, etc. Other than her form and figure she is useless. She has no income, useful skills, knowledge, conversational and emotional skills, etc.
Behind her form figure that has strong appeal exclusively to you. Her form and figure will not make any difference to her self-image, self-esteem, etc. Her attractive form and figure in no way makes her superior or useful in anyway to the market or to the world. Particular form and figure by virtue of your specific fixation and conditioning or love map makes difference only to you. Most probably women themselves believe that their form and figure is not good. They have a low self-esteem and negative image of their body parts and shapes.

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