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Divinely Wicked Pleasures

Length: 85 pages1 hour


When darkness falls across the land, when the blood moon rises and the night air cools. Those whose names bring chills and dread find lustful hearts to seduce. They yearn to feel love’s passionate heat in hopes of chasing away the cold darkness that consumes their soul. For those lucky enough to cross their path, the gift of ultimate satisfaction awaits, for there is no experience more frightening or fulfilling than being seduced by those who exist in the shadows.

What happens when you mix gothic tales with scintillating passion and hardcore sex? This book, that’s what! No, these aren’t the run of the mill vampire slash werewolf love stories. These are true macabre fantasies at their lustful best.

Divinely Wicked Pleasures contains three erotically haunting stories that blend steaming hot sex with mystical allure. From the shadows of the night, passion abounds in raw, sensuous and vivid detail. Cold hearts are ignited with fiery passion and hollow souls become filled with deep, unbridled desire. Immerse yourself in moon-lit pools of lust and ecstasy, where desire is found amidst the twilight.

A psychic is possessed by a murdered woman’s spirit who desires to be with her boyfriend one last time. What she reveals will either send him off the deep end or bring the person responsible for her death to justice.

A scientist creates an irresistible sexual Frankenstein and unleashes it on her unsuspecting assistant. Will her assistant enjoy unspeakable passion or expose the very thing that could lead to her mentor’s undoing?

The legendary Sisters of Fate have one night to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. But when they set their sights on a young businessman they soon learn he is more than equipped to give them all they can handle.

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