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Sliding Home

Length: 427 pages6 hours


Their relationship begins on the playground at the tender age of seven. Love grows from an innocent friendship for Terri Marino and her pal Vinny Coletti. A mutual crush naturally matures into a loving bond. One is drawn to the other until a union is an unstoppable force.

Time passes and happiness is in abundance for the young couple. Their adolescent years are filled with fun and adventure as they explore their boundaries. As the early stages of adulthood creep up, both have similar ideas for their future together, although not necessarily in the same time frame. While one is in a rush to get there, the other is searching for direction.

In a whirlwind of immature and insecure decision making, a very young Terri finds herself far from home with a picture of life that looks nothing like her dreams of only a short time earlier. Vinny too is nowhere near his dreams, but he hasn’t much of a choice. His dreams up and left with little explanation. Life goes on as each one learns to live without the other while silently hoping for the best.

“Sliding Home” is a humorous tale of love, loss, loneliness, ... and love. It’s a story of firsts and lasts, friendships and family bonds, regrets and blessings, and how two people find a way to put back together what once fell apart.

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