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Ergo: The Drone

Length: 408 pages6 hours


It’s 2054, and the dystopian Earth is crumbling in chaos. Only the artificial floating island of Haven holds fast against the corruption outside its borders--or does it?

Convinced that the once-noble endeavor of the island’s founder David Emerson has now run amiss, an ancient resistance cell dedicated to individual freedom recruits Miles Dawson, an ambitious young 9t9 drone pilot from within the corporate state to covertly unravel the plans of the power-hungry leader. What these exact plans are, the group is uncertain at first. On his quest to uncover and destroy the threat, though, Miles finds his allegiance torn between himself, the friends he has counted on, and the Emerson Corporation that has always been a part of his life. As Earth marches toward world war, his battle against the plot, codenamed Ergo, leads him to a mysterious alien device and takes him from the corporation's island, to the former USA, and into space onboard the corporation owned exploration vessel ECS Wallace. The deeper he gets, the more Miles realizes he can’t get out--and wonders if he wants to. In his inability to quit, he learns much more about his friends, himself, and his ties to the corporate leader than he could ever imagine.

Full of reshaped nations, alien races, and new technologies, this first book of the Ergo series, Ergo: the Drone, provides the reader imagination and suspense through Dawson’s on-going adventures while painting a vivid projection of our world in the not-too-distant future as various economic, political, and religious forces around the globe begin to collide.

Ergo: the Drone is social commentary in the vein of 1984 or Ayn Rand. A science fiction thriller set in 2054, the Emerson Corporation, seeking to escape a worldwide power and resource grab by power hungry governments, establishes a floating city in the Atlantic Ocean and expands into space. Mired in socialism, religious fanaticism and communism, the vast majority of earth enters a dark age of human creativity and technological progress.

The human spirit is crushed by the evil Caliphate, the individual tormented by Socialism and Communism. The few elites ignore justice and the liberty of the free market and enslave humanity with mass media. Creativity and freedom die and the individuals’ rights are subverted and collectivized.

This book presents free market views in an easy-to-understand, science fiction thriller and demonstrates that Capitalism is the only just method of resource distribution. Ergo seeks to answer these questions.

Who are the real 1%? Are they the captains of industry or are they our politicians who understand how to manipulate the system for their own gain?
What would happen if a single entity were able to discover and control the secret to virtually limitless, clean energy?
Peter Thiel is famous for his ideas of creating cities that would be outside the realm of control of the world governments. What would happen if such a plan came to fruition?
What happens when morality is divorced from decision-making and when government is able to exert control and steal from their citizens with impunity?
Telepresence and remotely operated drones are exciting new technology, but what happens when used for ground warfare?
What if a single country or corporation is able to achieve its goal of being able to fight a war with the guarantee of no human casualty on the side of the aggressor?
What are the consequences of income redistribution and collectivism?
What are the consequence of the Arab Spring and the violence spreading throughout the Middle East?

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