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The Circle of Lunar: Part 1 Ancient Lies

Length: 55 pages42 minutes


This fact and fiction story begins Lizzie waking up on her 36th birthday in suburban Australia at the dawning of 2012.
She is yet again plagued by dreams of another time.. strange stories, foreign places and whispered voices. Confused and confronted, Lizzie delves headlong into researching ancient mysteries and finds herself caught up in an ancient web of secrets and lies. But who will believe the shocking truth?
....or the even less believable prophecy?
The ancient mysteries began in Lemuria long before Atlantis and the shocking Original Sin. Where Liizyn, the Ancient Teacher, met Belial the father of Evil.. or is he? Liiizyn believes she failed her mission and cannot return to the Circle of Lunar until the mission is accomplished. Then in about 10,000BC came the Apocalyse.. a 40 day Flood, Loss of the ancient Knowledge and Sixth Sense.Then the Lies began.
Liizyn's survival pod washes onto the shores of Ancient Mesopotamia where she meets the Jordan family and the city of Jericho is established. Meanwhile, Belial aboard his royal barge, has also survived the carnage landing his tribe among the sanddunes of Egypt. Liizyn knew there was no escaping the Akashic; destiny had brought her and Belial to meet; and she had no doubt that their actions had been the precursor to the failure. Their destiny would now be forever entwined until resolved.
The human tribes were given ONE law to follow and they failed. Can Liizyn and her Deciples travel through time on the ancient journey of Reincarnation to complete their Mission... to teach the ONELOVE law and ultimately save the planet?
Now, the Sons of Belial and their progeny have created an oppressive religious faithology to control and manipulate the masses.
Time is running out for the blue water World.. humanity was given Twelve Millennia until Judgement Day.

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