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Nine Stones

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Orphaned as a young girl, eighteen-year-old Mae is an Elf girl who is trapped in a life of drudgery living with her reclusive aunt.
Renegade Elves steal Nine sacred magical stones from the Otherworld. This puts the very existence of the Elves in jeopardy.
When Mae dreams of the stones, the Elders send her to the surface world to find them. They think that she is their only hope of recovering the stones. She sees an opportunity to change her life.
Joe finds one of the stones and the consequence of satisfying his curiosity has a profound effect on him.
Whether it is Fate or the Elfin goddesses that guide her, Mae finds Joe. He is not what she expected. Their lives become inextricably intertwined. She is torn between duty to her people and her attraction to Joe.
The Elders are surprised by the turn of events. Danger, betrayal and divided loyalties pepper this romantic adventure.

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