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The Tuesday Night Book Club Reading Night

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Della Dickey was stuck in the ‘comfortable’ period of life. Comfortable house, comfortable job, comfortable husband; who’s interested in pretty much everything but her.

Then Rhonda sat down beside her one day to share a park bench for lunch.
Then it happened again ... and again.

The women moved through the acquaintance stage to the ‘comfortable’ friend stage within a few weeks. When Rhonda invited Della to her Tuesday night Book Club meeting, Della didn’t expect much, but she didn’t really have anything else to do; Tuesday was her hubby’s poker night.

Sometimes ‘comfortable’ is just a euphemism for ‘bored’.
As Della Dickey is about to find out, the Tuesday Night Book Club is anything but ‘comfortable’ ...
and way hell’n’gone past ‘boring’!

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