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Confessions of a Schizophrenic Savage

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Garrison Kelly is not part of a rock band, but he can still sing to you with fiery passion. He can make a D- in school seem like the ultimate tearjerker. He can scream curses at the Tea Party with no absence of malice. He can wrap you in love one minute and break your heart the next. You may laugh. You may cry. You may clinch your hands into hammer fists. No matter how these emotional songs hit you, Garrison Kelly will definitely rent space in your head. Or own it, depending on just how many tears flow from your eyes.

If you’re a rock band looking for new material for your next platinum-selling album, Confessions of a Schizophrenic Savage might be your answer. These are not cheesy, disposable pop songs that have the lifespan of three months. You won’t dance to these tunes with the equilibrium of a drunk. Moshing, making devil horns, and banging your head? Not only are you free to do those things, but they’re highly encouraged. Let the music of Garrison Kelly flow through your soul and light it on fire!

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