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Noelle Michaels, a creative speech and learning specialist, has combined her three shorter books into one volume, entitled Superb Therapy! Noelle focuses on fun and easy ways to teach children math, reading, spelling, writing, social, science, speech and language skills during snack or meal time. Children as young as 2 years old can learn to solve math word problems using Noelle's approach. They develop an early love of math and facility with numbers. Parents of children who were 2 years old or older, and were still not speaking more than a few words, have thanked Noelle for giving them the information they need, in her Verbal APRAXIA book. They learned to advocate for their child and get the proper therapy put into place. Now those children are successful communicators! Parents who attempted to teach their child colors by asking, "What color is this?"(as they walked around pointing to objects) have learned that this can cause confusion and frustration for the child and themselves. Noelle's hierarchy of learning colors (or any other vocabulary set: vehicles, food items, clothing, etc) gives a step-by-step approach, with fun learning and practice games at each level along the way. Reading the Superb Therapy! book will put you in touch with Noelle and her fun, creative and effective techniques and approach. Buying her book for a family member, friend, daycare staff member or school staff will help them to become a more informed parent, student, teacher, health professional, administrator or therapist. Noelle's books are great resources for those interested in having Noelle do a staff training. Some preschools are already using the SNACKademics approach and the parents see the technique as a valuable EXTRA that their child is receiving. If you want to increase children's test scores, the first step is to raise preschoolers and kindergarteners who LOVE math, writing and reading. Yes, it's that simple. The good new is that kids love SNACKademics and easily soak up math, writing and reading concepts and skills while having fun. Buying Superb Therapy!, trying the techniques or recommending this book to others will help children to master the skills they need to be confident learners and enjoy a successful future. Also, remember that you are never alone. Noelle is easily reached by phone, text, or e-mail to help you in any way that you need. Your concerns will be addressed or your questions will be answered by the author herself. What a BIG PAYBACK for such a small investment!

Published: Noelle Michaels, MA, CCC-SLP, LDT-C on
ISBN: 9781301300372
List price: $3.75
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