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China's Stories for Children

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World Youth Literary Classics: China’s Stories for Children Introduction: The era of China children's literature consciousness, began in the early of twentieth century during the Five-Four New Culture Movement. And this era is pioneered by fairy tales and started with actual achievements of fairy tales. On 1923 , YeShengtao published his first collection of fairy tale "The Scarecrow ". This is also the most important work in the phylogeny of the China’s fairy tale. As Lu Xun said, "The Scarecrow " is " carved out an own creative way for China’s fairy tale ". Tao 's works can be divided into two categories. One is the early "The White Boat" , "Fang's Dream" as a representative. Such works are elegant , mellow, poetic. Another is "The Scarecrow ", "The Stone of Ancient Heroes" as the representative . Such works are deep, solemn, allegorical, and possess highly educational. From the actual situation of the development of China’s fairy tales, Tao’s fairy tales emphasized on education have the bigger impact to latecomers obviously. Like ChenBochui、HeYi、JinJin in 1930s or 1940s, HongXuntao、HuangQingyun in 1950s or 1960s etc, gained the inspiration from his work directly or indirectly. Another Tao’s works emphasized on poetry, although it was overlooked due to the special reasons of modern Chinese history, but as a genre , it was also inherited and developed by latecomer. Such as YanWenjing of 1940s , GeCuilin of 1950s and BingBo of 1980s (of course, they are also influenced by other foreign author of fairy tale such as Andersen ) . "The Scarecrow " has laid a solid foundation for the future development of China’s fairy tale .

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