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The New Tao Mystery

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"The New Tao Mystery" series in the southern and Northern Dynasties period (AD 420 -589 years) is mainly about the discourse anecdotes nobility and bureaucrat of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, is our country during the period of in Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties fiction representative. "The New Tao Mystery" compilation of Liu Song imperial clan is the king of Linchuan Liu Yiqing. "Song book. Thebiography "said he was interested in literature, liked the handover and his followers, many of whom were literati. Liu Yiqing exchanged with these people and reaped no little benefit. Later, referring to Jin Pei Kai "Lin", Guo Chengzhi's "Guo Zi" he compiled the book "Shi Shuo Xin Yu".

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