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Les Miserables

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Les Miserables author Victor Hugo ( 1802-1885 ) was a famous nineteenth-century French literary giant , a typical representative of early romanticism. He created a large number of works including, the novel, " Notre Dame de Paris ", " Les Miserables"," Les Travailleurs de la Mer"," L’Homme qui Rit" and " Quatre-Vingt-Treize"; anthology "carols and folk collection", "Les Orientales", " Les Contemplations", "Les Chatiments", "La legende des Siecles" and script, "Hernani", " Luc Les wave Guinea ","Le Roi S’Amuse", " Angelo", "Ruy Blass" and so on. He also wrote a number of political commentaries ."Les Miserables" exploring social issues began in 1845 and was published until1862 in Brussels . The novel truly depicts the French social life from Napoleon's Waterloo in 1815 to early July Monarchy. The author, who fully used the humanism writing technique, reflected the tragic fate of the poor strata of capitalist society, showed his deep sympathy to the unfortunate people. He also advocated putting and end to evil, social reform and saving humanity by fraternity and kindness, which also exposed the darkness of society and denounced the injustice of law. Jean Valjean, the leading character throughout the book, a hardworking and honest man , who is of magnanimous mind and magnificent character, and is always ready to help others and returns good for evil. He is the image of the suffering , persecuted and discriminated oppressed people. He was initially a simple gardener, because he couldn’t bear to see hs seven nephews going hunger , he stole a loaf of bread for them. Thus he was caught on the spot and became a convict . His tortures were aggravated due to his escaping for several times and he had an inhuman life of nineteen years.After released from prison, he was fed up with discrimination and exclusion. Only Dinie diocesan Bishop Bienvenu treated him as a brother and persuaded him to be a person of integrity. He came to Mengte Yi , renamed himself Madeleine.He reformed the gem production process, set up factories and became millionaires .Because he cared about the poor and did something good for them , he was elected mayor. Jean Valjean ignored all the past , risking his life to rescue Fushi Le Wang pressed under the carriage and put him to a convent in Paris to be a gardener . Fantine, a prostitution women , died of illness in humiliation , leaving an orphan Cosette, who suffered all kinds of tortures at the guest owner Thenardier’s house. The dedicated inspector Javert suspected Madeleine was the escaped criminal and always against him . There is a light criminal mistaken for Jean Valjean , Jean Valjean unwilling to scapegoat others , surrendered in court and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He took advantage of his chance to save a sailor , jumped into the sea and managed to escape in Toulon harbor. He went to Thenardier’s home, rescued Cosette and headed for Paris. There they rent a room and depended on each other for survival. Javert hunted for him everywhere . He and Cosette climbed over the wall of a blind alley and got to the convent garden , where he happened to meet gardener Fushi Le Wang. He was settled down as the gardener’s brother and Cosette went to study at a boarding school.Later, reluctant to let Cosette be a nun, he left the monastery for Pulv Mei Lu. They two often went walking in Luxemburg park, where they met Mariusz, a college student .When participating in the battle of Waterloo following Napoleon, Mariusz’s father was seriously wounded and he was rescued by sergeant Thenardier. His father told his son to repay his benefactor when approaching his end. Mariusz and Cosette fell in love with each other. Thenardier, who was Mariusz’s neighbor, blackmailed two hundred thousand francs to Jean Valjean, and also mustered criminals to murder Jean Valjea for his money. Mariusz reported to the police in a contradictory mood, the evil being his father's savior , while the victim being his girlfriend 's father. He

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