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"Funniest games for pupils: Each pupil is interested in brain teaser" Content abstract: The content is divided into four chapters: "Crack a joke to you", "Unexpected", "Magical wisdom", and "Dr Knowledge" in accordance with the four important characteristics of brain teaser: interesting, knowledge, intelligence and jump thinking. These four chapters are interlinked and progressive transformation; fully dig the depth and breadth of mind. "Crack a joke to you" makes students experience the fun of jump out of daily thinking with hilarious answer. "Unexpected" requires students fully run the jump thinking, and then find out the most surprising answer; "Magic wisdom" encourages students to run their brains, work with the foundation knowledge that learned in the class, with the aid of flexible thinking to solve problems in real society, to truly achieve learn and use; "Dr knowledge" broadens students horizons via laugh and enriches knowledge reserve. Reading "Each pupil is interested in brain teaser" is just like adventure in unknown wisdom forest. In here, sometimes you will amaze at by present unprecedented wonderful scenery, sometimes you also lose the direction and fall into meditation. However, only need an inspiration; the front will be bright... In this adventure game your brain will be smoother, more flexible. Believe that after reading "Funniest games for pupils: Each pupil is interested in brain teaser", you will experience a brainstorm with comfortable feeling. Dear classmates, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Come to brain teaser's "Wisdom forest", and let your brains turns!

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