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The Labyrinth Spider 2

Length: 312 pages14 minutes


The main content of "Labyrinth Spider2" is an abnormal killer who killed 25 persons, who will be killed this time? Police detective of criminal investigation division, Yue Cheng, had to seek help from another genius killer in prison, Lu Jin, in order to capture a cruel, terrible and scheming "No. 1 gangster". A few years ago, Lu Jin had contacted with No. 1 gangster on Labyrinth Spider's behalf. Through the letter, they not only expressed their respective on life, but also dealt with mental duel. "A man likes dancing, and he often goes to a dance hall named Landi, and his wife likes dancing too, when he goes out dancing, she always goes out too. At home, she is very strong, and her husband is afraid of her. She has an inamorato, 3 yeas younger than her. One night, when she was found out that she was thrown into the river slice and dice, while her husband was dancing at the Landi, seen by other guy. Who knows who killed his wife? No. 1 gangster always lets Lu Jin break such small case. They fought hand to hand without meeting. However, the gangster gave a challenge to Lu Jin directly at this time, otherwise, his killing games will never stop. Lu Jin, who is a former gentle, polite, personable art teacher, agreed to cooperate with the police, but he escaped during the course of the investigation successfully. During the tracking process, Yue Cheng had to put down the customary thinking and attitude, and followed Lu Jin entering into their inner hearts of the two psychopathic killers. But the mystery was followed. Yue Cheng and Lu Jin gradually built up a friendship during the process of cracking case, though Lu Jin has been helping Yue Cheng achieve his aspiration, and gave his beloved woman up to him once, watchfulness never dies out between the friend and foe, Yue Cheng knows that Lu Jin, as a labyrinth spider, will not trust him forever. Along with the gradual in-depth investigation, No. 1 gangster slowly showed his real face at last, but why there still has a long way to go between the truth and the answer? Does the self-burning girl at department store be the girlfriend of the gangster? Will the gangster kill innocents or kill accomplices with a purpose? How many persons have been killed by the gangster in the long victims list? Yue Cheng and Lu Jin joined hands finally to find out the murderer at last through a series of battles of wits and courage. Yue Cheng finally got promotion at last based on the help of Lu Jin; under Yue Cheng's persuasion, and for his beloved woman; Labyrinth Spider, understanding the tradition deeply, finally walked away from his inner cage, and finally won his freedom and love, through his own super officialdom means, intelligence and wisdom.

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