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My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians

Length: 475 pages6 hours


Whether it is a beautiful and classic model or an unglamorous and inexpensive starter instrument, a musicianӳ first guitar can be the catalyst that motivates a lifelong passion. The pages of this book contain interviews with 70 of the worldӳ most well-known guitarists across musical genres and playing styles to discover how their love of the instrument compelled them to pursue music as a career. These guitar icons reveal how they got their first instrument, the music they loved, and their heroes and inspirations. With an impressive list of Subjectsةncluding Dick Dale, Melissa Etheridge, Jimmy Page, Les Paul, and Carlos Santanaءs well as childhood photos from such guitar legends as Alex Lifeson, Joe Satriani, and Jimmie Vaughan, this book has appeal for guitar heroes and nonmusicians alike.

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