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In 1983 President Reagan announced his Strategic Defense Initiative which the press quickly renamed ‘Star Wars’. It was meant to be the definitive solution in the protection of the United States at a time of tension and unease between the US and the USSR. However, after ten years of testing and billions of dollars of funding, the project was finally abandoned in favour of more conventional weaponry by President Clinton.

After 25 years circling the Earth, dormant and cold. One of the ‘Star Wars’ satellites christened ‘Alexis’ is awoken, after a collision in our overcrowded orbit. She returns to her outdated task of defending the US against its cold war enemy.

Knowledge of the satellite is quickly covered up by Senator Brasen, fearful it will affect his promotion to secratery in the new government. He hires mercenary Doug Weller to bring the satellite down.

Amidst a web of lies, deceit between the government and military grows, as Doug’s repeated attempts to destroy Alexis fail, and the measures taken rapidly escalate. His final solution, Resurrect the Space Shuttle Discovery, to use as a modern day trojan horse five years after her retirement.

Discovery must intercept Alexis in orbit before the secret comes out and destroys the Senator’s career and President Reagan’s Legacy.

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