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Arlingston, a town in chaos, the streets are overrun by the gangs and the schools are controlled by the thugs. The law fails as the crime rate rockets and the drug abuse escalates. In a town torn apart by gang wars, where hope is just a word and danger is all around, this story follows a troubled outcast, a delinquent, stubborn womanising teenager called Luke Sanders who vows to turn his life around and help his friends stand up against the ruthless bullies and thugs that unleash terror and prey on the weak and the vulnerable. When Luke sees his friends suffer at the hands of the gangs, he sets out to fight back not only as himself but as a vigilante known as the Ranger taking on the underworld that delve in drugs, blackmail and murder. As the battle ignites, a mysterious crime lord emerges thrusting Luke and his friends into a world of anarchy. Yet the town of Arlingston finds that bit of hope in Luke Sanders, the Ranger, for the fight back against the armies of the night is set to begin…
Published: Booktango on
ISBN: 9781468926057
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