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Agility of Souls: In The Healing Heart of Compassion

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This inspirational writing is based on years of experiences and reflections on the path that leads to discovering spiritual qualities within one's own heart and mind. The book is taking the inspiring example of one outstanding spiritual leader of our time, fondly known as "Amma". With unwavering and untiring faith in the spiritual essence of each and every being that Amma encounters, the stage is set for realizing the great gifts of loving kindness and compassion in oneself and everyone, equally. As the qualities of the spiritual path are directly perceived by millions of people who encounter Amma,"the mother of the universe" has emerged in this world like never before. This one small book is a condensation of countless teardrops dissolving into the powerfully vast space of all encompassing love. In the healing heart of compassion, we find the boundless connection that we have so wanted to share. There's a gradual awakening to the truth within all beings, as well as, instantaneous wakefulness, in purely compassionate living. Agility of souls, activate and synchronize as spiritual needs unfold and are fulfilled.

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