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101 Frickin' Rawsome Recipes

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Would you like to enjoy the benefits of eating more Whole Fresh Ripe Raw Fruits and Vegetables simply because you love to eat them, not just because they are “healthy” or you “feel you should”?

How about having a repertoire of quick and easy raw recipes you cant get enough of and are excited to share with those you love?

Chris Kendall RHN aka "The Banana Commander" Coming at you with a recipe book that could be found in the Garden of Eden itself, Presenting "101 Frickin' Rawsome Recipes" !

Many of us feel run down, tired, and way too busy to make good food choices. We live in fast paced society, who wants another book of complex recipes that require hours of prep time, expensive equipment, and leaves you feeling less perky than you know the raw lifestyle should?

Each and every recipe in this ebook is designed to be easily made in minutes with ingredients you can find anywhere! From the simplest most satisfying meals consisting of 1- 3 ingredients, to more “fancy dishes” you could easily serve at a gourmet raw restaurant!
I have surprised many guests when they realized they were eating a Simple Raw Food Recipe!

These recipes all utilisise proper food combining for optimal digestion and absorption leaving you with the energized light feeling you would expect from our Optimal Diet.

Don’t know about food combining?
Entire books have been dedicated to food combining, or the chemistry of digestion. Here I bring you the easiest to understand key concepts along with 101 delicious examples of proper food combining to effortlessly hit the principals home!

The vast majority of raw recipe books are overly complicated, have recipes that are time consuming to make, high in fat, salt, spices, stimulants, and other irritants that lead you away from the boundless energy and glowing youthfulness that should accompany the Raw Lifestyle. Motivated by this I felt the need to share the gems I eat day in and out with you and anyone seeking optimal health, boundless vitality, and peak physical fitness.

Striving to bring more of Mother Natures Loving embrace to you, I am confident in saying these are “The Best of The Best”! Choose from 101 Frickin’
Revitalizing “smoothies”
Awesome“green smoothies”
Wondrous “sweet soups”
Satiating“savory soups”
Original “noodle dishes”
Excellent “special dishes”
So much more!!!!

Your sure to find many a new favorite!
By finding a few favorite raw recipes you and your family your loves the enjoyment and ease in including more fresh ripe raw whole fruits and veggies in your improved or 100% raw lifestyle becomes not only easy but thoughtless.

Did you know most people rotate 5- 7 staple recipes?
Day in and out they eat these staples, we are creatures of habit!
Ease in implementing lifestyle changes comes from replacing your old unhelpful habits with new ones that you love and enjoy, this makes committing to your improved lifestyle effortless.

It only takes 20 – 30 days to implement a new habit!

You may not belive it now but these simple recipes and their ability to awaken your finer senses, facilitate your body’s innate self healing, improve your vitality, straighten your priorities, and skyrocket your general sence of well being will catapult you to a place where you simply prefer the tastes, textures, and results gained from enjoying more fresh ripe raw fruits and vegetables.

Too Often we put things off for another day, why wait?

As a long term Raw foodist, 100% Raw food Lifestyle Coach and Registered Holistic Nutritionist it my Passion and Purpose to make the Raw Diet a Snap! Sharing the abundance ive found with the raw food diet Its a blessing to spread Natures Bounty! We are designed to thrive with boundless energy and enthusiams for life, get Frickin Rawsome with me!

Wishing you much

peacelovenseasonalfruit Chris Kendall

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