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Doing Our Father’s Will

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Synopsis For Doing Our Father’s Will
By Doug Vermeulen

What we are living through in this day and age; means we need to look at the institution of marriage, and how God sees it.
This book takes a fresh look at the time-honored way of covenanting in marriage.
In this story the author looks at how Father God is organizing the marriage of His Son Jesus and how the covenant progression takes place.
This is a story, the greatest love story that was ever told, or that will ever be told. It is a story of Father God, His Son and the Holy Spirit wonderfully in love with His creation. So much so, that Jesus could say ‘greater love has no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friends. It is the story of a life given so that restoration to glory could be complete.
Building on the exploration of Father God’s desire for His Son and for us, the author then explores His character. Father God’s loving nature is revealed, specifically His approach to expressing that love through His son Christ Jesus, and in the process giving Him a partner for all eternity.
In eternity, God purposed that His Son Jesus should have people in close association with Jesus for eternity.
The scriptures in the story show that Jesus came to call His own to Him. He came to restore to us the God-given glory that was given to Adam and Eve in the first place. We were made to be in an on-going fellowship with Jesus, in a relationship as close as a Godly marriage should be, and could possibly be.
The nuptial chain of events in a time-honored Hebrew wedding are used to convey the message of the story in this book.
Father God is the person who decides how everything should be done in doing His will.
The Son of God, Jesus, and what He wants for Him, is the purpose of Father God’s plan.
The Bride of Christ, us, and our total involvement in Father God’s plan are given expression in this book.
A bride without ‘spot or wrinkle’ because of Jesus is presented for marriage.
History’s only relevance is presented in the pages of this book.
Is marriage relevant? Is there any point to getting married? Are there consequences to not getting married? What is the effect of marriage on our relationship? Why is a good marriage in the form of a covenantal relationship? Are there benefits to be gained by being in a covenantal relationship? Does God have the answers to these questions?
The marriage contract in this story is written in the ‘halls of heaven’ and there are therefore consequences in the now, and for eternity
The marriage contract for you and me that Father God has covenanted with us includes everything that the time-honored covenant of marriage had from the beginning of time.. It is all there; promised to you and me in the Word of God. The heavenly scribe has written it in heaven, when the scroll is opened the written covenant speaks in living Words of the closeness of our relationship, and it is written for us on earth in the Word of God – The Bible. Every time we open it, it speaks about our relationship.
As we are part of the Body of Christ and His Bride, it is no less our function to learn what the Father wants and expects for the Son and His Bride. It is best that we proceed with wisdom and knowledge about what we are doing.
It is absolutely vital to ask the Holy Spirit to guide and prepare the Bride - us. As the Bride of Christ we need to look at what the scripture says; and as discussed in this book, our oil lamps need to be full of oil [oil is a type of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures] and we should have a reserve of oil as well.
This is a high calling as Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings!!!

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