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The Phantom of Krashnoa Station: A Star Runner Story

Length: 42 pages36 minutes


Before Danal joined the Star Runner, before she became part of the crew destined to shape her life, she was alone, marooned, scared and in hiding for her very life. This is the story of that time in her life.

The Phantom of Krashnoa Station
A Star Runner Story

Danal Moccazhon has the perfect life - living in space with her parents, getting to travel from planet to planet.

But Danal's world comes crashing down when her ship is hijacked, its crew abducted and she is left alone on a barely functioning spaceship.

Worse still is the ship's fate - to become a part of a vast spaceship graveyard.

Now Danal needs to find a way to escape.

Before she’s discovered.

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