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Something Wicked: Requiem of A Dream 1

48 pages41 minutes


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms, Friend Zone, The Magaram Legends, The Night Sculptor Series, and now, Requiem for a Dream...

"I am going mad. Even as I speak the words are twisting away from me, writhing like living creatures to whisper horrible things."

On the day sixteen year old Judas Stoker III loses his mother to a car accident he finds his reality splintered to the core. Sickly and isolated from a young age, he has no immediate family and no prospects for salvation. He is committed to a psychiatric hospital until a mysterious stranger arrives with news that he is to be signed over to the care of a distant but concerned relative.

A perfect opportunity for a brand new beginning for the troubled boy. Haunted by his mother’s disembodied spirit, Judas is sent to live with his estranged great grandfather in upstate New York. Judas arrives at the manor with hopes of forging a bond with his eccentric relative only to realize that he has just stepped into a dark labyrinth designed to make him question his very existence.

There, he begins to discover that there is such a thing as true evil in the world.

Ushered in by the mansion's questionable servants, Blu the butler and Bast the maid, he explores the manor in search of his great grandfather who is inexplicably and continuously absent. As his time ticks by, Judas realizes that his reality and the reality of the house are blurring to create a hell that he could never have imagined.

With his mind slipping faster and faster, Judas frantically documents his decent into madness and his desperate attempt to unlock the mysteries of his great grandfather's manor before he is consumed by the fractured nightmare that has swallowed him whole.

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“No fears,” she repeated, smiling up at me. Slowly, nervously, I reached out to brush back some of the silky hairs that clung to her cheek, but a rustling from the darkness distracted me. From within the black shadows on the tree, a tall figure unfolded itself seemingly from the ground and the towering frame of the butler loomed over us both. A warning scream trembled and died in my throat as I saw him lurch forward jerkily like some gangling puppet. His face was deathly white and his eyes were bloodshot. Blue veins crisscrossed over his face and he seemed to swallow Bast’s white form into his own, spreading his arms wider and wider until they folded her up.

“Bast!” I made a grab for her but my fingers clutched only air. The white dress vanished into the folds of black and the butler or demon or whatever he was thrust his distorted face into mine, paralyzing me with terror. His breath coiled with mine and I breathed in the rank scent of death and decay. His white skin bubbled and burst with maggots and flies as they chewed their way through the rotting flesh. I stared into the inhuman eyes of the devil and he cackled at me, a shrieking, howling laugh that turned my blood to ice....”

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