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Journey Through Time (A Time Travel Adventure Collection Part 1)

197 pages2 hours


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Splicers and now...

Three stories in one book!


Children of Time Part 1 : The Smallest Giant

Kenneth may have thought his life was insignificant—until the day he is caught up into something bigger than he ever imagined.
A shy 13 year old student, Kenneth has the impossible happen to him one day in school—he and his classmate Savannah, a girl he doesn't like, are kidnapped by an alien in a space suit! When the man turns out to be another human being from the future and they are brought into the 73rd century, it is like everything he has read in science fiction books suddenly becomes true.
Possibilities boggle his mind! Human giants living for hundreds of years in buildings reaching the sky and aliens that are friends of humanity... way cool... well, everything is cool except for the gray slush that replaced hamburgers and—food. And why did these aliens have to bring icky Savannah, of all people, along with him? But aside from that, everything feels like the beginning of an adventure. But will it be an adventure of a lifetime, or an adventure to death?

Children of Two Futures Part 1 : The Riddle

Nobody knows what will cause human extinction, and nobody has a clue.
No matter how proven it is that nothing in the events of the past can change the future, historians cling onto the fact that a theoretical Zeta Disruption may exist. The Zeta Disruption, according to temporal theory, is a person—or animal—capable of changing the future. The Zeta Disruption can change the entire course of humanity.
Savannah and Kenneth are pulled forward into the year 7245 to do exactly just that. They are given the rare chance to make a positive change to the world by discovering the causes of human destruction and answering a mysterious riddle. But as young as they are, even they themselves are unsure if they can fulfil this gargantuan task. Still, the fate of humanity lies in their hands and it is up to them to save humanity from its demise.
Will they be able to unearth the truth? Will they be able to save the humans from obliteration?

The Magaram Legends Part 1 : Into the Unknown

One sleepy summer afternoon, in an equally sleepy remote town, an old man sits under a tree. With him are children who have made a habit of visiting him on late afternoons to listen to his stories... stories of magical things, of adventure, and of great love.
He tells them the story of a young man who has reached the marrying age but cannot seem to find a suitable maiden to marry in his small town. As he reaches the deep well where the entire town gets their water on summers, Julio spies a curious sight – a young woman. Beautiful, enchanting, and someone he has never met. In those few precious seconds, time stopped for him. Like all villagers of Julio’s town, she is there to fetch water. She does not, however, live in Julio’s town, nor did she look like any villager.
When you have just seen the most mesmerizing of the people in your world walk away, what do you do? But strange things begin to happen to Julio the moment he followed her and ventured into the unknown.

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