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The Dark Crow Smiles: Requiem of A Dream 2

48 pages41 minutes


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms, Friend Zone, The Magaram Legends, The Night Sculptor Series, and now, Requiem for a Dream...

"It was with a strange serenity that I accepted the fact that I was dying. Here, in the basement of this hellish house, I was going to die a sweet, slow death all alone. Only I wasn't alone."

Continuously trapped in his great grandfather’s manor, and without any sign whatsoever of his missing relative, Judas Stoker is determined to make his daring, midnight escape. Armed with only his desperation, he hastily exits the mansion only to discover that the maniacal servants aren’t the only ones lurking in the shadows. He comes face to face with the manor’s dark Guardian.

Thwarted in his escape and severely injured, Judas goes in search of the mysterious crying child that has been haunting his nightmares since his arrival. Accompanied by the disembodied voice of his mother, he begins his decent into the absolute horror of the house, never imagining the extent of the hell to be encountered in the center of the labyrinth.

There are terrifying things hidden in the bowels of the house that he could never have even dreamed of. The deeper he goes, the more fragmented his mind becomes, until he can no longer differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t. Are these really just nightmares, or are they demonic encounters? And what of the mansion’s servants, Bast and Blu? Are they devils, or is it merely the fever that causes Judas to perceive them as such?

The stage is set, the players are all in place, and the crimson curtain is about to rise. In this black, macabre dance, everyone knows the steps except for the star. But even so, the show must go on, and some sacrifices have to be made.

The game is just beginning.

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The smell came first, hitting my senses like a heavy handed slap to the face. I was forced to pause in my progress as the reek of decay and singed, putrid meat washed over me. It became so powerful that my throat closed and I gagged while my insides thrashed mutinously. I squinted through watery eyes at the shape unfurling in the fog before me. It was so dark that I almost wasn’t sure what I was looking at, but the closer I came the more obvious it was.

A tall man, taller than Blu or any other human I had ever seen stood before me on the ridge. Head to toe, he was clad in a black suit that seemed impervious to the rain. His skin was charcoal and his hair and eyes were also pitch black, though not any natural black I had ever seen, but an ashen darkness blacker than ink. He said nothing to me but the twin coals of his eyes burned into mine causing my body to become paralyzed.

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