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A gorgeous collection of stories about men forced to dress as women by their wives or girlfriends, sissies turned into sexy satin-dressed maids and men who find themselves feminised against their will. This collection is an omnibus edition of six of Satinmaid’s previously published books.

The stories included in this collection are:

Book 1 - His School Skirt

Surrogate Schoolgirl
There are not enough girls in the village to justify building a new school... or are there...?

Pink Ribbons
A dressing up game does not go how Alan expected it to.

My First School Skirt
Caught attempting to look up a pretty girl's skirt - John gets humiliated in return.

My Second School Skirt
John hasn't learnt his he ends up as a schoolgirl again!

Book 2 - Sissies in Satin Volume 1

Carla, Vicky & Mistress Cindy
A dominant T-girl enjoys an evening with two sexy, submissive young women.

My Punishment
A sissy maid's punishment essay after being caught wearing trousers.

The Initiation
A young man is abducted by a young woman who has a mysterious plan for him.

Unintentional Lesbian
Dating Emily seemed like a good idea, until Tommy found out that she thought he was a woman. How long would it be before he had the guts to tell her he wasn't?

Book 3 - Sissies in Satin Volume 2

Sissy For Hire
A dominant woman sells her sissy's body to a slut for cash.

Halloween Husband
Gemma's company is throwing a Halloween fancy dress party. Her husband Rob gets tricked AND treated.

Sissy Christmas Present
A young man ends up sexily ‘gift-wrapped’ for his girlfriend.

No More Trousers
An out of work husband, unable to afford his own clothes is gradually forced to borrow more and more of his wife's clothes.

Book 4 - Sheila’s New Girly
Sheila is angered when her flatmate makes fun of the transgendered patients at the clinic where she works. She decides to teach him a lesson in exactly what they do at the clinic and how a man can be feminised against his will. Resist as he might, Sheila's flatmate is going to become her new girly!

Bonus Story - Library Girl
When he loses a bet to his girlfriend, she decides his forfeit will be to try to pass as a woman in public. Both of them are surprised by the results.

Book 5 - Dancing In My Girlfriend’s Mini-Skirt
A young man reluctantly agrees to wear a skirt for his girlfriend, not realising how far she intends to feminise him.

Book 6 - Not Always a Bridesmaid
When his best friend Jackie decides to marry her lesbian lover, she reminds Sam of a drunken promise he'd once be her bridesmaid if she ever got married! Sam's girlfriend Helen loves the idea and he is helpless to resist as the women in his life make him more and more feminine. How far will it all go and will he be allowed to escape his reluctant femininity once Jackie's wedding is over?

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ISBN: 9781301291991
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