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90 Daily Devotions for Lawyers and Judges

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Although this collection of devotionals focuses principally on the legal profession, much of it will appeal to those whom lawyers and judges serve—that is, clients and litigants. Also, the term “judges” is broad enough to include those called to jury service. Our system of justice uses jurors—lay people in the main—to determine wherein the truth lies in a given law case, a decision that must be based upon the lawful evidence offered by the respective parties. In short, jurors are “judges of the facts” just as the judicial officer is the “judge of the law.”
Lawyers and judges are people too, of course. They are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and friends and neighbors. They also constitute an important part of the Christian community. They give of their time and money, often serving our churches as officers, Sunday school teachers, and advisors.
These devotionals, some ninety in number, may be read on a daily basis or read more frequently. They are written to enlighten, to teach, to entertain, to comfort, to advise, and to counsel. Whether you are, among other things, a lawyer (Luke 11:46), a judge (Psalm 82), a senior citizen (John 21:18), a fisherman (John 21:11 ), a person in need (Matthew 15:26), an enabler (Acts 8:1 ), an apparent failure (Ecclesiastes 6:12), a mourner (I Corinthians 15:55) or even a sinner (Romans 10:9) (and lawyers and judges are all these things at one time or another), this devotional may be of some interest to you, if not some assistance or comfort.
By the way, did you know Jesus, like us, was a taxpayer? Look at the devotional on page 34, which was inspired by Matthew 17:24-27, to see how he came up with the money to pay his tax. You will be surprised.

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