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Dear Daddy, Diary Of A Caribbean Immigrant

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"Dear Daddy, Diary of a Caribbean immigrant" could be the diary of any young immigrant from anywhere in the world. Meghan's diary gives us a glimpse into the young girl's life as she leaves the only home she has ever known to begin a life in a new country.
Not only does Meghan need to adjust to a new life, and a new country, she has to adjust to a new family. A father she doesn't really know, her step-mother, and new siblings.
When her father beats her, Meghan runs away. Alone and vulnerable, even after being taken in by relatives, she tries to find love and acceptance through the use of drugs and sex.
This tale of hardship, change, and growth reminds us that life is not always as simple as we wish it could be, but with the help of good friends, and something to believe in, there is always hope.

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