Every civilization needs to reflect on what is or is not important. In times gone by, it was knowledge, love, or honor. Things have changed.
A collection of stories that highlights just how far we have fallen in a little over two thousand years.

I was an Internet Addict (novella)

Harry was living a normal life until he subscribed to the online world of Sword of Valor, where the scourge of internet addiction claimed him. In a self-destructive tail spin and ignoring all the warning signs, Harry dived head first into virtuality, despite knowing that internet addiction is more fattening than carbohydrates, and causes more sexual dysfunction than beer.

Can Harry break his addiction with the help of Robert, his last real friend, or is he forever doomed to a lonely life killing virtual ogres?

In this confronting book, Eric Feka investigates the moral challenge of our times. Read it if you want to know the truth about the hidden epidemic that is cutting a swathe through the young and the vulnerable!

Symposia (5 short stories)

At the dawn of Western society, great thinkers and writers such as Plato, Aristophanes, and Euripides bent their minds to the many problems that beset our fledgling civilization. Their toil played no small part in making the West what it is today. Time marches on, however, and Western civilization has evolved and changed. Sadly, Plato and his toga-wearing contemporaries are no longer all that relevant to your average iPod toting consumer.

Symposia is made up of 5 short stories that revisit the themes that motivated Plato, Aristophanes, and Euripides. Thankfully, they are not around to complain...

Well of Souls (novella)

Despite trying valiantly, neither science nor religion has ever been able to answer the ultimate question: Why Life? Which is why Alex, a man whose life has slipped into a beer-y rut, is feeling all at sea and having trouble with the nature of reality. He feels he needs some guidance - any guidance - because he's woken up in a place he knows is called the Dreamscape, but he doesn't know how he knows. He just knows. He also knows, but because someone told him this time, that humanity is in big trouble unless he can protect the Well of Souls from the invading daemons.

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