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Holiday Romance Short Stories: Book Two

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Holiday short stories to get you through the holidays with a bit of Mystery, a dash of Romance and an ending with a whole lot of steamy mistletoe kissing going on.

Sexy Miss Claus is coming to town, and she wants to save Santa the trip by being naughty, then again, being nice might just bring her romantic cookies and milk guy back on around to snuggle. Take your pick. There is naughty, oh so naughty and there is lighthearted romance nice. It's the holidays so everything gets a bit of spice with it.

I'll start you out with a bit of Chaos at Christmas, add in a dose of heartwarming holiday ending, add a dash of light-hearted romance and end you with a steamy Christmas feeling. Each story is a bit different, there is laughter, pull on your emotional heartstrings, have you wondering about the magic of mistletoe, dreaming of a white Christmas and ending with ah... romance.

CJ Hawk writes chick lit in many forms, mystery, and romances both naughty and nice, light-hearted reads and good old-fashioned feeling for a chick that needs her lit. Here are a few toss another log on the fireplace holiday stories and fill up my spiced apple cider dear, because winter time and books are like frosting and a cupcake. They just go together so nicely, but the creamy filling makes it naughty. Enjoy.

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