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Journey Through Time: A Time Travel Adventure 3 in 1 Bundle Collection Part 6

239 pages3 hours


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Splicers and now...

Three stories in one book!


Children of Time Part 6 : The Seventh Day

The plot that Savannah and Kenneth discover in Alexandria turns out more threatening than they expect and it can become the reason of Earth's destruction.
Unquill, Kenneth and Savannah have to overcome time and the language barrier in order to prevent a catastrophic event that will deplete the Earth of its atmosphere and will surely kill all of mankind.
Will they make it? Will the aliens listen to these "insignificant" beings? Kenneth and Savannah had just started molding their lives into the destiny that has become their purpose, while Unquill has found a way to prevent himself from turning into the one person everyone fears. Will all this be snuffed into nothing when aliens destroy their world?

Chidren of Two Futures Part 6 : The Rebellion

Remaining agents of the Society have been found in the city of Hong Kong, and it is now up to Kenneth and Savannah to find them and finish what they were tasked to do.
Hong Kong is on the verge of starting a rebellion—what they will gain from this, nobody knows, but Kenneth and Savannah have a feeling that Tsumetai is behind all of it.
Time is of the essence, and they have to act quickly. If they don’t find Tsumetai and stop the rebellion soon, Kenneth and Savannah might end up dead in the 73rd century.
The fourteenth day is just around the corner, will two days be enough to bring an end to all of this? Will there be enough time for them to finally come home?

The Magaram Legends Part 6 : Giving Faith

The epic conclusion to the Magaram Legend series, this book takes off right in the middle World War II when the war for the pacific began. Julio, known all throughout the capital as an enemy sympathizer, becomes a guerilla.
His extensive knowledge of the terrain and the enemy's weaknesses are invaluable to the allies. With the help of his two unlikely companions, Julio embarks to fulfill his purpose - cut the war short.
But the story does not end there. As Julio's mind replays a scene in his past, he remembers the woman who owns his heart and the promise of love unfulfilled...
“And if I die?” he asked.
“Then I shall traverse the cycles in reverse to find you again.”
But time is drastically different in the Magaram realm. He waits but will Irina fulfill her promise of years ago? Will Julio steadfastly believe to Irina's promise until the very end?
After years of adventure, will Julio finally experience his own happy ever after?

Download the final installation to the epic story and find out now!

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