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The Ghost of a Chance

Length: 239 pages3 hours


What if a new woman walked into your life while you were still haunted by the woman you lost?

Stunned by the accidental death of her partner, Darcy Morrow can summon little kindness for the beautiful nurse Alis Baker, the woman hired to tend her while she grieves, the woman with the too-blue eyes and a healing touch. But day by day, month by month, as the Colorado winter rages on, Alis' determined gentleness and unwavering compassion chip away at Darcy's frozen heart--even though Alis has a deep sadness of her own, one she carefully hides.

As their unrequited passion builds to something Darcy can no longer ignore, she must make a choice: Will Darcy let Alis into her heart, or will the harsh winter--and a ghost from her past--destroy the possibility of a second chance at love?

THE GHOST OF A CHANCE is a poignant, passionate novel about love, loss and letting go; a tender romance to curl up with. It is approximately 60,000 words long.

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