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Thick as Thieves: The Gentleman's Skirts

Length: 43 pages40 minutes


This 11,000 + word erotic romance contains male crossdressing sex, corset and stocking worship, rough gay sex and Victorian era hijinx. Book Two in the Thick As Thieves series.


He made an annoyed sound when I yanked off the dress, straight over his head without too much care. “You’ll be sorry when you get the bill for that if it’s damaged,” he said, but off it went anyway, revealing, as he promised, a spectacular set of lingerie made of black satin with red trim. The corset was tight, molding him into an hourglass figure with a tiny waist, pushing up just enough to give structure to his false bosom.

I examined the layers of hooks and stays, amazed and enthralled, wondering how he could have learned such a mysterious feminine art, the disgraceful part of me hoping that he did just for the forbidden pleasure of it. With shaking hands, I fingered the rich material as he sat there in a graceful pose, the long blonde wig and cosmetics creating a most alluring illusion.

He wore silk stockings, attached to the corset with small buttons. As for underwear he had donned a scandalous pair of women’s panties in bright crimson silk ...

Like any great actor, he refused to break the illusion and I was happy to play my part. I stroked his stocking-clad legs, up and down, kissing down his thighs, tickling behind his knees with my tongue.

I was gratified to feel his legs tremble in response. I kept nuzzling his silk-covered flesh, until he was too weak to remain upright, lowering himself onto his back his legs spread wide. I gazed longingly at him, at the long blonde locks tumbling over the hard muscles of his strong arms and my breath caught in my lungs at the excitement of this new form of debauchery.

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