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Body Count

Length: 256 pages4 hours


The story is a fictional crime novel although some of the places are real the characters are not.
Samantha was a surgeon back in England in the late seventies. Something happened to make her move Country and change careers from saving lives to investigating the causes of their deaths.
She had worked for the Spokane County Coroners Department as the Medical Examiner for 4 years and had made a number of friends, her life was about to be turned upside down you could say it had started about fifteen months earlier she had been asked to do a second autopsy on a body of a John Richards by his wife Barbara.
Barbara Richards was fifth generation her great, great, great grandfather travelled across from Denver with his wife looking for a new start and settled and built the ranch from nothing. Barbara ran horses and cattle; the ranch was about 35 miles outside Spokane her husband had been in a light aircraft plane crash, Doc Sam didn’t have very much to work on. the Doc asked if Barbara had any photos of her late husband and that was the strange thing, she never had one always Barbara or Barbara and the boys but never of her husband.
The dental records that Doc Sam had obtained for John Richards indicated that this was Barbara’s husband, although the Doc had this nagging feeling that something was not right unknown to his wife John Richards was an undercover FBI agent. The body that Barbara Richards was to lay to rest in her family plot was not who she thought it was and Doctor Sam would soon cross swords with a Columbian drug lord, and would make one almighty powerful enemy.

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