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I Can't Believe I Did It

Length: 143 pages2 hours


Lucinda and George move into a new neighborhood and in order to make friends start attending the monthly dances sponsored by the HOA. George doesn't do ballroom dancing, but Luce loves it. The solution: Luce dances with the neighbor's husbands a practice that is common place at these dances.

What's not common place is the new attendee for the Valentine's dance. For the first time since starting to attend the dances. Luce needs wants to go home early.

When she gets home, she nearly rapes poor George. In the morning he drags it out of her what was up. After trying say they shouldn't attend the dances anymore, she reluctantly explains how this stranger felt her up and nearly seduced her. She went into great detail to make sure he understood that she was within breath of going to the weight room in rec hall where it would have been private enough for him to work some more of his magic and before she happened to see George and come to her senses, she was ready for what ever the stranger wanted.

To her surprise, the whole incident turned George on and the sexual romp that ensued thrilled them both. Now the question is just what do they do now? Will the stranger be there? If he is will/should Luce dance with him? How will she be faithful to her wedding vows and still get the thrill in their sex lives.

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