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When John opened his eyes he could see nothing but he felt something running down his face from the top of his head when he felt it he knew it was blood.
Then he felt his feet were very cold and he lifted his left foot and it dawned on him his feet were in the water.
Then he remembered Susan he put out his hand to see if she was still next to him; his hand fell on her face.
Then he heard a moan he said ‘Susan are you awake or not’
She answered him with a whisper ‘Yes John what happened.’
‘We crashed into I don’t know what but the water we hit saved us from total break-up.’
Then John shouted ‘Is there anyone awake or are we the only two.’
Then a voice from somewhere up the front shouted ‘No there are one or two up here and I hope someone has a torch handy.’
Then someone up at the front end of the cabin lit up a cigarette lighter up.
John could see some people he shouted ‘Listen everyone stay still and make yourselves as comfortable as you can we can't do anything until daylight so please do as I say.’
While John had been talking he had felt Susan fiddling around and when he sat back down in his seat she said ‘John take this.’
When he put out his hand he was very grateful to Susan she had put a hot cup of coffee in his hand.
‘I don’t know where you got it from but I think your an angel and that's for sure, but what about you.’
‘Oh don’t worry about me I have two cups and feel this.’
She put the cup out to find his hand and he felt the heat of the cup and that satisfied him.
Then he sat back and to his joy he felt her put her arm through his and he thought that he had been all his life without a girl and now he maybe had found one this had to happen.
They talked in whispers all over the plane.
Nobody got any sleep it was impossible.
Then very slowly daylight began to filter into the cabin.
John looked to where Zag was seated and he did not like what he saw Zag was lying with his eyes fully open and there was no movement of any kind.
John stood up and said to Susan ‘you just stay here Susan while I go take a look at Zag.

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