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Room Of Angels: Requiem For A Dream 3

46 pages41 minutes


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms, Friend Zone, The Magaram Legends, The Night Sculptor Series, and now, Requiem for a Dream...

"...are you just in my head? Is this my brain’s way of torturing me into repentance for my sin?"

Life in his great grandfather’s manor is not going well for Judas at all. Kept locked in his room like a prisoner for “his own safety” by the mansion’s staff, this added to his determination to unlock all the manor’s hidden skeletons.

He is aided now by the lovely yet mysterious new addition to the house’s staff, Dolores Humbert. She is ethereal and kind, the only genuine friend he has found in the house and she is willing assist him. Together they begin an exploration of the mansions labyrinth in an effort to find out the real whereabouts of Judas’s missing great grandfather.

The search, however, leads him down a malevolent and twisted path, uncovering the secrets hidden in his own repressed memories. His mind is slipping and the evil of the house is rapidly catching up to him. What happened to his great grandfather? What are these terrible visions he keeps seeing? And most importantly, who is Delores Humbert, really? Is she really an addition to the servants or is she something else?

As Judas begins uncovering answer after terrible answer, he realizes that he has crossed a line that he can never ever go back from. Even worse, as time passes, he finds he is having a harder and harder time distinguishing reality from nightmares.

Will he be able to face his own dark past? Or will he be devoured by it.

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The buzzing in my head was getting louder and louder and it was suddenly coupled with a crippling pain that shot through my body like a bold of lightning. My skin was doused in the sensation of millions of crawling insects and I locked eyes with my reflection in the mirror. To my absolute horror, the sensation was not merely a feeling. I watched in sickened terror as my skin bubbled and writhed furiously of its own accord. Tiny boils began erupting across my flesh and hundreds of wriggling white maggots spurted onto the mirror and the ivory, each one coated in blood and pus.

I’m having another nightmare! my mind shrieked. This can’t be real. I’m dreaming or I’m feverish. This is just a hallucination!

I opened my mouth to scream for Dolores but no sound came out; instead my stomach heaved wretchedly and expelled thousands and thousands of thrashing maggots from my insides. They slid across the floor, making my bile come alive. I could no longer hold myself up and I crashed to my knees. Maggots popped under my weight, coating the bathroom tiles with a thick, bloody sludge. It had the texture of tar and my hands and knees boiled when I came in contact with it.

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