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Journey Through Time: A Time Travel Adventure 3 in 1 Bundle Collection Part 5

164 pages2 hours


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Children of Two Futures, Splicers and now...

Three stories in one book!


Children of Time Part 5 : Mystery in Jakarta

Unquill, Kenneth and Savannah fly to Jakarta in search of answers to the plot discovered in Alexandria.
As the Third Council convene to find the pieces of the puzzle that is Hinjo Junta, Unquill tries to find answers as to why Hinjo Junta becomes the symbol of self-destruction to humans in the future.
On their journey, Kenneth and Savannah make a path into a destiny that has now become their choice.
While they try to make sense of their purpose, Savannah experiences a change in herself she's finding hard to control, as Kenneth watches and worries.
And all around them still, danger and plotting thickens...

Children of Two Futures Part 5 : The Warning
President Kunan Slaan of Jakarta has to make a choice.
Given the information that the alien world of Fesquay will soon come under attack, does he warn the aliens in advance? Or is it better instead to let the attack happen? His career, as well as the fate of the planet, is at stake.
Meanwhile, Indigo Pavun Kiro arrives in Zurich to stage an assault on the headquarters of the Society for Social Advancement. While he does have a plan in mind, he has no idea what to expect when he gives the order to move out.
Does the Society have any more tricks left up its sleeve? Find out in Children of Two Futures, Book 5: The Warning.


The Magaram Legends Part 5 : Full Circle
Julio achieves what everyone said is impossible. He accomplish what others think unattainable - but it was not happy ever after as he so foolishly hopes.
Immediately after returning to the Human world, Julio arranges to leave his hometown for the capital of the province. He is armed by a missive which he doesn't fully understands. The only thing that keeps him going is a half remembered teary-eyed promise as he is sent back from the Magaram realm.
Set against a backdrop of the stirrings of World War II, Full Circle, follows the beginning of Julio’s mission. Unsure of what to do next, our hero lands a job as a local Jail Guard. When the nation falls under the might of the Imperial Japanese Army, the mission immediately gains clarity and Julio suddenly finds himself employed and serving the enemies that he was supposed to take down!
Now identified as a Japanese sympathizer, Julio finds himself alone. As the months roll by he begins to doubt. How can one man turn the tide?

Download the fifth installation to the epic story and find out now!

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