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The Living Arrangement

Length: 267 pages4 hours


Andrea, Andy, Donovan is a senior at NYU who is already on the fast track to becoming an up-and-comer in the telecommunication industry. Her poor track history with men has led her to date some not so appealing men. She was pleasantly surprised that on a horrible double date she was able to meet a gorgeous guy. After they literally ran away from their dates with one another, a lovely evening turned into an offer for the good looking scholar to move in with her.

Mitchell McIntyre is a doctoral student at NYU with the hopes of becoming a professor of American Literature. A blind date with a less than appealing woman started horribly but ended with him moving in with an ambitious Finance major who is very beautiful and who Mitch is seriously attracted to.

The two of them decide that if they wanted this arrangement to work there needed to be rules. Can Mitch and Andy stick to the rules? Or will their living arrangement be too tempting for them to resist?

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