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Journey Through Time: A Time Travel Adventure 3 in 1 Bundle Collection Part 4

193 pages2 hours


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Splicers and now...

Three stories in one book!


Children of Time Part 4 : The Discovered Plot

Things are coming to a blow in the 73rd century, and guess who stumbled upon the plot?
Some people in the government and the brigade are starting to realize that defeating the rebels in Madagascar is just the start of an impending war. It seems that the uprising in Africa isn’t the only plan of the rebels to destroy the Universal Solar Government or their alliance with the alien race. Things are in motion to push both parties to war and a stolen shipment of a powerful mineral and the Madagascar fiasco are just small pieces of the puzzle.
Unquill, Kenneth and Savannah continue in a race to unravel the discovered plot while wrestling with their inner demons. Will their sanities be sacrificed in order to save the alliance and the future of the human race?
Chidren of Two Futures Part 4 : The Society

The mysterious organization, the prime mover behind many of the world's events, has been revealed as the Society for Social Advancement.
With time running out, Kenneth, Savannah and Unquill seek to discover the Society's true motives in the 73rd century. To do so, Unquill must come face to face with his own tragic past. Meanwhile, the mysterious man named Hinjo Junta, the man future history says will destroy the whole of humanity, makes his first appearance.
Events are coming to a head in Children of Two Futures Book 4: The Society.
The Magaram Legends Part 4 : Purpose

The human realm is about to get into yet another world war and there is no way to stop it, it can only be cut short. Julio soon learns that he is not the only agent from the human world that had been tested but he is the one closes to one pivotal area – the province where the Japanese Imperial Army holds sway.
With nothing more than a vague promise to go on with, Julio embarks on a journey that does not only put him in harm’s way, it also make him question the motives behind being chosen. Because his task is not just fighting humans, it is about fighting Magaram, too.
Purpose, the fourth book in the Magaram Legend Series brings to light the real reason why Julio is selected as the "one". Every deadly adventure he had gotten through was not in order to prove his love for the Magaram woman. It was all a test from the start.
Our hero is then given a choice – to help or not.

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