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Sergio's Redemption

Length: 67 pages1 hour


Fresh out of jail, Sergio De Luca has one thing on his mind—repairing the broken pieces of his life. When he walks into Landi’s pizza parlor looking for work and runs into his high school tutor, his plans change. The brainy beauty Enid had once come to life in his room. Keeper of his secrets, she saw the man behind the rebellious all-star football player. When the flames of passion rise once more he begins to seek her submission.

The only girl in a large Italian family, Enid’s been smothered and overprotected to the point of boredom and complacency. Until the bad boy who’d taken her virginity walks back into town. Older, wiser, and commanding, Sergio snares her in his web, infusing her with self-confidence as he awakens a side of her she never knew. The more she gives herself over the more she discovers who Enid Landi has always been.

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